3 reasons to attend a book signing

The world has shifted to be more virtual over the past few years, so attending book signings may sound like an old-fashioned concept. But, I can say from experience, they are absolutely worth attending in person! Here are my 3 reasons to attend an Author’s Book Signing:

Connect with the Author

It can be confirmed that I fan-girl, HARD, meeting any type of celebrity (ask my husband about meeting Kiefer Sutherland) and authors are no exception. I had the pleasure of meeting 2 authors so far this year in person, and they were both delightful. One even recognized my name from Instagram chats, little ol’ me!
Following an author on Social Media is a great way to stay connected, but it does not always provide the same result. There are some authors (Lookin at you, Jeneva Rose, Katherine Center, John Marrs, Fredia McFadden) who post and respond regularly, while others utilize newsletters or their websites only. Meeting an Author in person provides an opportunity not only to converse with them, but also to hear more about their current and upcoming projects!

Learn more about their work

Depending on the location of the event, the schedule may have time for Q&A from the audience, a reading from their works, or the author being interviewed. In previous events that I have attended, authors will read a passage and then share updates on their projects, and open the floor to audience questions.
There are 2 questions I will always ask if I get the chance, (here’s hoping that y’all do not steal them and we end up at the same events….) “I work better with a soundtrack (this is true!), what do you listen to while you write?” or “Should you be able to cast a movie based on your book, which actors would you choose for the production?”.
It is inevitable that the question “What are you working on next?!” Will be asked, if not more than one time, and even if authors cannot give all of the details away, there are some updates that could be shared at the event.

Meet fellow readers
While waiting in line for signings or the event to start, make friends with fellow readers! Authors really are some of the nicest people ever, simply based on the fact that they will sign books for hours on end at every, single, event. Thank you, authors! But use that waiting time to chat with fellow readers! This book brought you together, share recommendations for other books, share your bookstagrams, etc! I have had the pleasure of meeting remote Book Club members in-person at events too!

Tell me in the comments, which author would you like to meet in person?

Bre smith

Bre smith